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Hospitality Math 101 - The Power of Partnership! Teaming Revenue Management and Property Marketing Expertise in Increased Revenue and Profits!

Washington, DC & Stamford, CT – March 1, 2010 – Marjorie Lane, Founder and President of The Lane Marketing Group and Laura Osborne, EVP - Strategic Development for Intelligent Hotels today announced their Power of Partnership, bringing both Revenue Management and Marketing Expertise together to create “Hospitality Math 101”.  Hospitality Math 101 combines strategic positioning, strategic pricing and strategic communication to produce increased revenue and bottom line profits for their clients. Intelligent Hotels and the Lane Marketing Group, both experts in their fields have teamed together to make it easier than ever to develop and implement the actions needed to increase the bottom lines of hotel and resort properties. 

“Recently hotels and resorts have been focused on revenue management as a tool to drive occupancy, primarily through internet distribution channels. At the same time, Marketing departments have been building client loyalty through email marketing, social media, etc. Rather than working independently, in order to fully optimize these two disciplines they need to be working together. That is exactly what our collaborative actions will achieve,” according to Lane. “An example is for the revenue management team to focus on increasing rate and occupancy during specific dates. The marketing department takes this information and targets specific current and potential customers to drive occupancy and increase rate, as well as taking into consideration ancillary revenue for food & beverage, spa, golf, etc. Properties need to move beyond just discounting room rates in hopes to drive room revenue alone, at the expense of attracting customers who will use all property facilities, thus increasing profits and revenues. Attracting customers at a low rate who aren’t inclined to use a property’s collection of services and facilities actually negatively impacts revenue and profits” added Osborne

“Working together we can bring our areas of expertise to our customers creating a seamless and effective approach to both revenue management and marketing. Today’s business environment demands that both programs work together like a well oiled machine.” Osborne commented. “Pricing and Marketing strategies need to work in tandem and be communicated to engage current and potential guests” according to Lane. 

The two consulting firms offer a complete set of tools to produce the desired profits for their clients. The tools include auditing current performance, developing pricing and marketing strategies, uncovering additional revenue opportunities, working directly with on-site stakeholders, and tracking results of all revenue related programs.  

Intelligent Hotels brings over 25 years of cutting edge, results driven expertise to the design and implementation of revenue growth programs, enabling hotels to maximize profits through savvy revenue management. Founder Jeffrey Osborne brings together worldwide experience and a stellar track record of results to Intelligent Hotels, having developed programs for Disneyland Paris Resort, TravelCLICK, and Loews Hotels etc.  Since it’s inception in 1999 Intelligent Hotels has leveraged relationships with; owners, independents, brands asset managers, and operators successfully guided each client to recognize new revenue streams, energize and capitalize on existing sources of business which have provided returns far and above each hotel's local market.  

Since 1994 The Lane Marketing Group has been providing innovative and successful marketing consulting to hotels, resorts, spas and golf clubs throughout North America. From an individual project to an on-going campaign, The Lane Group offers the industry expertise to provide successful marketing initiatives, branding strategy, Emarketing solutions, social networking, public relations and event management. 

The Lane Group Welcomes New Client -
Osprey Point Retreat & Conference Center

Washington, DC – September 1, 2009 –
Marjorie Lane, Founder and President of The Lane Group announced today The Lane Group has been choosed to provide marketing and public relations services to the Osprey Point Retreat & Conference Center, located on Maryland's beautiful and tranquil Eastern Shore. Just 90 minutes from Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD, the Osprey Point Retreat & Conference Center offers clients a secluded waterfront locatioin, first-class accommodations and genuine hospitality perfect for retreats, strategy sessions, training and team-building events.

Working with the Executive team at the Osprey Point property, The Lane Group will provide public relations and marketing expertise with a goal of increasing interest in this one of a kind venue. Lane stated "Over the past years we have honed our marketing skills and created successful relationships with many conference centers, hotels and resorts in the Mid-Atlantic region. We look forward to working with General Manager Roger Valentine and his team to create a greater awareness of this wonderful facility which is surrounded by the natural beauty unique to Maryland's Eastern Shore."

Washington, DC - June 22, 2009 - The Lane Group announces new Web 2.0 Tool, Hotel eScribe, a new service for resorts and hotels to maintain their 2.0 Web presence and connect with current and potential customers, and build revenues!                           

Washington, DC – June 8, 2009The Lane Group announces today a new program for resorts and hotels to analyze their marketing investments through a new tool, Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Too many times hotels and resort start marketing campaigns and then abruptly end or change plans dramatically without thought of the investment they have already made. 

 In today’s economic climate, planning and analysis by a hotel property is essential prior to spending precious marketing dollars. Whether the property is an independent or part of a large brand, franchised or company managed, a third party analysis of expenditures is invaluable and can actually save money! Is your marketing team up to date about social marketing, pay per click campaigns, email applications and simple ad schedules and promotional opportunities? Have you considered special weekend and events that can pull in new groups of customers you have not reached yet? Are you taking advantage of today’s trend for regional, rather than long-distance travel by potential customers?

The Lane Group is now offering a two day marketing analysis, “Return on Marketing Investments.” Are you getting the results you are paying for? Similar to a sales audit, The Lane Group team looks at all aspects of your marketing efforts.

The Lane Group presents Themed Weekends to Drive Business!

March 27-29, 2009 - The Lane Group presents " Cooks & Corks 2009 - a food and wine weekend at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and Spa, Bedford, PA. The weekend is a special event showcasing the resort's culinary team and partnering wineries. Included are culinary demonstrations, wine seminars, gala gourment dinner and Sunday Brunch. This is the second annual event hosted at the Bedford, PA resort. "It is an excellent method to highlighting a property, as well as driving business during shoulder or off-peak times. These days, people need to get away and de-stress" says Marjorie Lane, Founder and President of The Lane Group.

February 28 - March 1, 2009 - The Lane Group presents " Path to the Mediterranean Lifestyle Weekend at Lansdowne Resort in Northern Virginia. Partnering with Dr. Will Clower, Ph.D, author of "The French Don't Diet Plan" and "The Fat Fallacy - The French Diet Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss", the weekend was an introduction to guests to learn how to incorporate this lifestyle into their daily lives. The weekend included seminars conducted by Dr. Clower, as well as Mediterranean themed gourment meals and even a workout opportunity with the author. "The guests were thrilled to have this experience - directly from the source. Dr. Clower presents the information is a fun and easy to use method, promoting success once guests return home to their day to day lives" says Marjorie Lane, Founder and President of The Lane Group.