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Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor - never has the 2.0 web world been more important to help market your resort, hotel or destination! Now in the age of leaner marketing staffs, who is going to develop, maintain and update your various Web 2.0 sites as well as monitor your on-line reputation. This can greatly affect your Google rankings which impacts your site visits and reservations. Let The Lane Group handle all this for you. For as little as $500 a month we will keep you current:

- Blogs - we develop, write and post information, announcements, area news and more!

- Social Media - We keep those Facebook, Myspace, Twitter pages and more up to date!

- Website - We keep it vital, keep it fresh, keep it relevant!

- Calendars - We update your property's website calendar so guests have all the information about hotels & resorts, giving them more reasons to come to your property and spend money!

- On-line Reputation - We monitor your on-line reputation on major user-generated content sites and post responses to all reviews - both positive and negative. This can help your Google Analytics value as well as increase rankings and reservations!

Leave the on-line digital dynamics to us! We provide the human capital to effectively use today's technologies. Each month we will take care of all these areas of need for you - and keep your property current and up to date in the Web 2.0 world. Leave the 2.0 world to us!